Learn to Dowse

What should a good, complete dowsing course provide?

A course in dowsing should give you everything you need to know in order for you to be able to dowse quickly, accurately and effectively, all the time, every time. No wasted time. No useless information. No filler. Just solid, reliable, useful, practical information presented in a way that you can easily follow.

You may have heard of all sorts of things about dowsing; from finding water to using pendulums to locate gold or help with your health. The many uses of dowsing can have your head spinning. It sounds complex and confusing.

But the real truth about dowsing is....

It's really very simple indeed. Dowsing is about giving you answers to your questions. That is all it is. Don't be fooled by any other explanation. That is what dowsing is about. Answering questions.

And we all have questions, don't we?

Some of our questions are easy. Is this melon ripe? Where are my keys?

And some of them are harder. Is this the best vitamin for my health goals? Is this job offer the best one for my career goals?

And some of them are harder still. Is this relationship likely to make me happy? What's the cause of this problem in my life?

But they are all questions, and questions have answers. Even the tough ones.

Once you learn how to dowse properly, you can get accurate answers to any questions you have. And that is what this Ultimate Dowsing Course does for you.

  • It guides you through how to ask good questions (Bad questions = useless answers)
  • It teaches you how to use any tool at all (Including no tools, if that's what you prefer!)
  • It gives you practical, detailed information on applying dowsing to many areas of your life. (No matter who you are or where you live.)
  • It helps you learn how to avoid common dowsing pitfalls
  • It encourages you to grow better and stronger at dowsing. (By giving you real life examples and proven practical tips.)
  • It provides a variety of learning styles: audio, written, video

No matter how old or young you are, no matter where you live, no matter what your interests are, dowsing will add a new dimension to your life.

If it's so simple, what's the catch? Why doesn't everyone dowse?

There are pitfalls waiting for dowsers. We show you how to avoid the common traps that lie in wait for dowsers of all levels of experience. Once you have a map through the minefield, your dowsing will become swift, accurate and reliable. Your dowsing confidence will soar, because you will know:

  • The difference between good and bad questions
  • Which tool is best for which sort of dowsing problem
  • Different ways of getting answers; from yes/no to how deep, how far, which color and so on
  • How to identify problems you didn't know you had, but which will affect your dowsing results
  • The difference between dowsing in person and dowsing at a distance
  • What you should and shouldn't do when dowsing
  • Plus many small but tricky subjects that can sabotage your dowsing if you don't know how to deal with them

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We have put our many years of professional experience into the Ultimate Dowsing Course so that it contains everything you need to know to succeed. It will give you a quantum leap forward in dowsing skill, so you don't have to learn the hard way like we did.

Whatever your current level of expertise, this course will improve your skill. Novices will appreciate the clear and easy directions. Veteran dowsers will pick up special tricks that will improve their accuracy as well as be introduced to new ways to apply their dowsing skills.

The Ultimate Dowsing Course contains audio and video, printed coursebook and workbook complete with exercises. Whatever your learning style, we have it covered.

The list of contents is as follows:

  • A 90 Page Coursebook
    • Dowsing in History
    • Dowsing and Intuition
    • How Dowsing Works
    • How to Ask Good Questions
    • Dowsing Accuracy
    • Scales and Charts
    • Dowsing Tools
    • Deviceless Dowsing
    • On-site Dowsing
    • Dowsing the Visible
    • Dowsing the Obscure
    • Dowsing the Invisible
    • Remote Dowsing
    • Map Dowsing
    • List Dowsing
    • Intent
    • Belief
  • A 64 page workbook full of
    • exercises,
    • plans,
    • scales,
    • charts,
    • dowsing tasks and places to record your progress
  • Audio (45 minutes minimum)
    • Common Pitfalls
    • Health Dowsing
    • Dowsing On-site
    • Dowsing for Happiness
    • Space Clearing
    • Dowsing to Help Animals
    • How to Ask Good Questions
  • Full Transcripts of the Audios
  • Dowsing Tools
    • Pendulum
    • Pair of L-rods
  • DVD's
    • Discovering Dowsing
    • Dowsing Tools and how to use them

As promised; no filler, nothing useless, only the things you need to dowse quickly, accurately, effectively.

And your payment will go through a secure server, keeping your details safe. Plus, you have 30 days to decide if it is to your satisfaction. Shipping is free, even if you live half way round the world!

This really is the most complete and inclusive dowsing course currently available. Make no mistake. This IS the best!

Don't delay. We're ready to ship your copy right now.

Now, what was the question you wanted an answer to? Get dowsing and find out!

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